Get It Right Educators’

A democratic, non-profit, self-governing cooperative of educators.

In Teachers As Owners: A Key to Revitalizing Public Education, Edward Dirskwager argues that educators need to see themselves not as employees, but rather as proprietors of the institutions in which they work. Institutions that have been inspired by Dirkswager’s work call these professional bodies “Teacher Professional Practices,” or “Teacher Professional Partnerships.” Inspired by these organizations, and particularly EdVisions Co-op in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, the incorporators of Get It Right have sought to create the conditions for widespread teacher-ownership of school operations, from the unique standpoint of a worker-owned, democratic, not-for-profit cooperative.

We are a new organization, starting with a small group of committed educators, but we are seeking to expand into all types of schools: district-run public, district charter, independent charter, and private.

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About Us


The cooperative is organized for the primary purpose of associating a number of education professionals for the purpose of providing employment and income to its members in a manner that will permit them, individually and in concert with each other, on a cooperative basis, to employ their skills, talents and resources for the development and implementation of instructional programs. In furtherance of this primary purpose, the cooperative may transact any and all lawful business for which nonprofit cooperatives may be incorporated under the laws of the state of Wisconsin, as they may be amended from time to time. The cooperative is democratically controlled and is not organized to make a profit for itself, as such, but primarily for continuation of its charitable work in the field of public education.

Get It Right is registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions as a non-stock cooperative under Chapter 185 of the Wisconsin Statutes and is a 501(f) non-profit entity under IRS regulations (application pending).


  • Sean Anderson
  • Joel Jarosky
  • Stefano Oviedo
  • Art Richardson
  • Victoria Zupancic


Staffing Schools

Get It Right can provide a democratically self-governed and self-managing teaching staff to any school (public or private) willing to reorganize its organization around participatory, democratic values and principles. Contact us if your school’s staff is interested in membership in Get It Right, or if your school is interested in Get It Right providing staffing from our current membership.

Additional Services

Get It Right and its members are prepared and equipped to support all schools as they transition to a teacher-owner democratic model, by delivering:

  • Consulting for school design and development
  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment design, development, and coaching
  • Support for school re-organization

Contact us at:

1202 Williamson Street, Suite 102, Madison WI 53703

Job Opportunities:

Get It Right members are currently staffing Milestone Democratic School. Reach out to us if you want to be a part of the team. We may not currently have open positions, but we want to know you’re interested!