Get It Right Educators’ Cooperative

Our worker co-op exists for three reasons:

  1. To Imagine: We have to figure out the right way — all the best ways — to strive to make the right path for people to walk on. We can imagine an abolition of anti-Blackness, white supremacy, xenophobia, cis-hetero-patriarchy, classism, ableism, and other systems of domination and hierarchy by imagining the future we want, together. We can imagine how power might be shared and held in common, if we can imagine an evolutionary process of reciprocal co-creation that enhances the authentic mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health of each of us. A connected culture – which liberates and supports healing for us all – is possible.
  2. To Organize: To disrupt hierarchical systems that are compliance-based, we center the voices of teachers — our fellow education workers — in all aspects of the work. By creating and connecting communities of educators around collective agency, democratic empowerment, mutual aid, and collaborative self-governance –- where power is distributed equally among each member and every voice matters –- our consensus model enlivens each authentic voice, sharing power via egalitarian circle consciousness. We do not feed hierarchical, disempowering social structures – rather, we honorably and respectfully center each co-op member’s voice, disrupting processes of othering and silencing. In unity we take the next step.
  3. To Build: We co-create practices that challenge what we’ve been told the world is, by actually doing and modeling the structures that support and empower people. To push the norms, break harmful traditional and exclusionary practices that uphold hierarchical and white supremacist culture, we take actionable steps toward a more just and inclusive world. We collectively develop pedagogical, cultural, and organizational practices oriented toward democracy, equity, and justice. We make a new path, step by small step.

Get It Right is the grand experiment: giving power to teachers and seeing where the best choices can go. Get It Right dreams of a new world and prepares for it.

Get It Right Educators Cooperative – 1202 Williamson Street, Ste 102, Madison, WI 53703